Why ‘Infaaq’ ?

Infaaq (Arabic: إنفاق‎) is an Arabic word meaning giving, spending, disbursement. Simply to please God without asking for any favor or hoping for a return. The word ʾinfāq is mentioned once in the Qurʾān in Sūrat al-ʾIsrāʾ, verse 100. The imperative form of the verb (ʾanfiqū) (أَنفِقُوا) appears 18 times in the Qurʾān. It is different from Zakat, which is obligatory on Muslims, or Sadaqah, which is charity for obtaining specific return or protection from some adverse event.

This concept of Infaaq is amply conveyed in Quranic verse 2:177 which says: “It is not righteousness that you turn your faces towards the East and the West, but righteousness is this that one should believe in Allah and the last day and the angels and the Book and the prophets, and give away wealth out of love for Him to the near of kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and the beggars and for (the emancipation of) the captives, and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate; and the performers of their promise when they make a promise, and the patient in distress and affliction and in time of conflicts– these are they who are true (to themselves) and these are they who guard (against evil).’’

What is being said here is that righteousness isn’t the fulfillment of Islamic obligations – obligatory prayers, fasting, zakat, khums … which are all fardh or obligatory, but going further and giving away wealth (beyond religious dues like zakat and khums) for the purposes mentioned in the verse. In one word, this is Infaaq or Giving.

This act of Infaaq/Giving depicts the spirit of what our organization Infaaq Inc is about.

Infaaq Inc gives us an opportunity to share Divine blessings with those less fortunate than us. Along with God’s pleasure it gives us the satisfaction that it is a means to donate for quick fulfillment of verified needs without any bias based on faith, ethnicity or geography. In the United States all donations to Infaaq Inc are recognized by the IRS as tax-deductible under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

What is Infaaq Inc?

Our founder, then an 11-year old girl, initiated this effort in 2001 with her eidi (festival gifts in cash) of Pakistani Rupees 1,000 (approximately equal to US$15 at that time) in order to pay the tuition fee of a needy girl. The effort seriously continued, and the size of collections and number of beneficiaries grew, and in 2017 she formally registered a not-for-profit (NFP) in Illinois, USA where she now lives. It was named CHiLD Fund Inc – CHiLD being the acronym for Cooperation & Help in Literacy Development. Along the way, help was also rendered to affectees of 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods in Pakistan from this platform.
In 2020 CHiLD actively engaged in a scheme for providing basic food rations at their doorsteps to 1500 families in Pakistan who had lost their means of livelihood due to lockdown forced by the Covid-19 pandemic.
During the ration distribution, our volunteers interfaced with many families that were facing poverty even without the added setback of pandemic-enforced lockdown. This encouraged us to consider expanding our efforts to provide financial support to families beyond only the area of education.
To reflect this expanded horizon, we have renamed the organization Infaaq Inc

Who We Are

Infaaq Team

Sakina Bano Hasan

Founder and Chair

Sabah Hasan

Cofounder & Board Member

Rafay Ahmad

Board Member

Syed Abutalib


Mahreen Mehdi-Raza

Board Advisor

Uzma Raza

Board Advisor

Khadija Bano Ali

Board Advisor

Syed Hasan Askari

Board Advisor

Mariam Zehra Rizvi

Board Advisor